For your convenience, the hospital opens at 7:00a.m. for leaving off pets on your way to work. The Doctor's first appointment is at 10:00 a.m. If you have made previous arrangements to pick up your pet shortly after 5:00p.m., you may do so. The door will be locked, so press the button (doorbell) next to the entrance when you arrive. We are closed everyday from 12:00 noon until 3:00p.m. to allow the Doctor time to do surgery  and treatments. We are closed every Saturday, Sunday, and on legal Holidays. Hospitalized pets are treated every day (including Christmas) by the Doctor.

For Your Convenience You can drop your pet off on your way to work as early as 7:00 am.

Pets will be released only during regular office hours and when the doctor is present.

CREDIT... Due to past abuse of credit, charges are cash or check only, accounts paid in full before pets are released. We also accept MasterCard, ATM, Visa, and Discover cards for your convenience.

USUAL FEES Examination or consultation fee (office calls) start at $38.00. Hospitalization rates are $28.00 per day and up. Extra charges for treatment, anesthetic, surgery, X-rays, laboratory tests or special drugs or care. You will receive an itemized statement at your request. All fees are within normal range for this area. Our fees do not include any "paid in advance" for future treatments, but are itemized for exactly the treatment that was given. Re-checking, re-treating, and correcting post-surgical problems are not "included" or "free." While I will try to keep the fee as low as possible, you will be charged for each visit. Hospitalization fees include the day in and the day out. Any part of a day is counted as a full day.

Our blood tests and other laboratory work is performed by IDEXX Veterinary Labs, and the results are faxed back as soon as completed. This insures high quality results with no question of compromised findings.

We have a Vetronics Electro-Cardiogram unit with a computerized ECG Analyzer. It is capable of diagnosing 50 Canine and 42 Feline cardiac disorders. This is like having a cardiologist on the premises.

Heart problems are often seen in Veterinary Medicine and can usually be sucessfully treated.





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